Raleigh in the Spotlight

What better time to tell the story of North Carolina’s Capital City? A metro whose roots reach back to Revolutionary days. A city home to great institutions, including the innovative and essential N.C. State University, as well as the four sister institutions calling Raleigh home. From explosive growth to national acclaim, a “self-portrait” of Raleigh will be a natural showcase of one of the South's fastest-growing cities.

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This entertaining documentary will capture the essence of Raleigh's many neighborhoods, cultures and communities. This multimedia archive will help build respect and understanding for the city’s history, the importance of innovation at N.C. State, and the importance of taking a leadership role in the vision for its future.

Sleepy Southern Capital

Officially established in 1792, the City of Raleigh was uniquely planned as the capital of North Carolina. For years this was a small place where key decisions affecting the state were made while manufacturing and industry boomed in other metros. Raleigh remained a sleepy town well into the 1940s as only the state's sixth largest city. Yet, soon after World War II, an explosive growth spurt brought on in large part by the impact of innovation at N.C. State set the stage for what we see today.

America's Next Great City

Raleigh is poised between old and new, and a classic American saga of re-invention. From a quiet Southern government town, the city has exploded onto the national map as among the country’s fastest growing destinations for entrepreneurs, families and transplants alike.  The challenge moving forward is to find the heart of this community. Spotlighting historical events and the impact of leaders, difficult decisions, opportunities lost, and the momentous challenges overcome.