A multimedia history and education project

We're capturing our community's heritage to showcase on public television, to be taught in schools and permanently archived at COR Museum and the North Carolina State Archives, giving present and future generations the opportunity to learn about Raleigh.

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A Self-Portrait of Raleigh History.

We’ll explore the unique history of the area, including many little-known stories sure to capture the hearts and minds of those who think they know the city. Expect a focus on the city's accelerating growth of the modern era.

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The Impact of North Carolina State University.

North Carolina's first land-grant institution and a giant economic engine for the region and the state. N.C. State celebrated its 125th Anniversary last year and there's no better time to explore its history and importance to the growth of the city, region and beyond. This documentary will serve as a historical archive of the institution’s leadership role and importance to our economy.

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Emerging Issues for 21st Century Raleigh.

Now the 43rd largest city in America, where does Raleigh go from here?  We'll explore the most important issues facing the metropolitan region, who’s addressing them, and what to expect for the next century.

This Project Includes:

  • A distinguished advisory board of community leaders and affiliation with COR Museum for guidance.
  • A national broadcast quality television documentary.
  • A school video and teaching guide for the 350,000 students who study North Carolina History every year.
  • A website providing open access to all materials gathered in production, including interviews and photos.
  • A regional screening series in schools, community and cultural centers, and retirement communities.

Some Topics Being Explored:

  • Spotlighting important people, families and leaders that have shaped the city.
  • Why it was founded as a government outpost and the roles state leaders played in shaping it.
  • History of innovation: broadcast radio, television, and the impact of N.C. State entrepreneurial success.
  • Dedication to the arts, to community, and to nature, focusing on the art galleries and museums, churches and parks (Chavis, Pullen, Umstead, among others).
  • Explosive growth despite its dearth of FORTUNE 500 headquarters, yet with an entrepreneurial culture heavily influenced by N.C. State.
  • Historical perception as a college town and contributions of higher education, including Meredith, Peace, Shaw, St. Augustine’s, and now Campbell.
  • Ongoing quest to find and define the city's identity amidst explosive growth; where natives mesh with transplants; with sprawling bedroom communities across Wake County; and how the region unites under a common purpose.
  • Urban design and the importance of mid-century modern architecture: the city’s existing and lost treasures, its unique design history, and the re-emergence and appreciation for modern design.
  • Historic neighborhoods and destinations: Boylan Heights, Oakwood, Glenwood-Brooklyn, Mordecai Plantation, St. Agnes Hospital, Pope House, Blount Street, City Market, Cameron Village, among others.
  • Birth, decline and rebirth of downtown’s urban core. How food, drinking establishments, arts, music, and nightlife have played a part in every era of success.
  • Rocky professional sports culture: The short lives of the WLFL’s Skyhawks, the ABA’s Cougars, hockey’s Icecaps, among others. Landing the Carolina Hurricanes and their success. The fascinating, little-known stories of professional baseball, and the city’s challenge to fuel a pro sports vision amidst popular amateur and college athletics.
  • Untold underbelly of Raleigh: fascinating tales of interesting places and sometimes shady activity.
  • How history relates to current affairs surrounding exploding growth, public transit, public education, hyper-regionalism for downtown, North Raleigh and Midtown.